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Triple SU HS6 Carburettor Conversion Kit Chrysler Valiant Hemi 6 (Reconditioned Carbs)


This set features reconditioned carbs and is supplied complete with:

  • Triple SU Reconditioned carburettors
  • New Redline Intake manifold to suit Chrysler Valiant Hemi 6 CYLINDER Motors
  • Overhead Hex-Rod Linkage set
  • Redline Air filters

NOTE: This kit is also available with Polished Ceramic Tops for SU Carbs as a special option. The 3X ceramic tops is an additional $360. Please contact us to arrange this option.

Fully rebuilt set of 3 x 1" 3/4 HS6 SU carburettors. These come standard with RH needles but this can be changed upon request (please call).

The linkage kit included utilizes a hex rod linkage bar, meaning no slippage and a more consistent balance and tune. We supply you all the linkage components to allow you to mount your factory Throttle cable on, a return spring etc. You will need to make a throttle cable bracket or we can supply one at an extra cost. The Hexagonal rod is not pictured to scale. It is zoomed in. Appropriate length rod will be in the package.

Carburettors are supplied with a 1/4" fuel inlet spout.

Triple SU carburettors will give you one the fastest accelerating sets available, being only one step below a triple Weber setup. Not only will you get to hear a sweet induction noise, your engine will accelerate at a quicker rate making it perfect for Sports/ Motorsports driving.

You will need to fit a fuel pressure regulator to this set as these carbs cannot run with fuel pressure higher than 3psi. See available options.

We can help you with jetting and tuning. You must call us first for this offer.

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