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S204V - Fuelmiser Distributor Contact Set for Daihatsu Charade, Handivan, Hijet, Rocky (see details), Toyota Corolla, Celica, Dyna, Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser (see details)

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Fuelmiser Distributor Contact Set - Part # S204V suits:

  • DAIHATSU CHARADE G10, G100, G11 1.0L (Denso Points Dist)
  • DAIHATSU HANDIVAN L60V 0.6L AD (Denso Points Dist)
  • DAIHATSU HIJET S60, S65 0.5L AB (Denso Points Dist: From 1979)
  • DAIHATSU HIJET S70 0.8L (Denso Points Dist)
  • DAIHATSU HIJET S70, S75, S76, S85 1.0L CB23 (Denso Points Dist)
  • DAIHATSU ROCKY F80VG, F85VBD, F85VBG, F87PC 2.0L 3Y-C (Denso Points Dist: To 1987)
  • MITSUBISHI L300 EXPRESS SC, SD 1.8L 4G62 (Denso Points Dist)
  • SUZUKI SIERRA SJ40 SJ410 1.0L F10A (Denso Points Dist: To 1984)
  • TOYOTA CELICA RA23, RA28, RA40 2.0L 18R, 18R-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA CELICA TA22 1.6L 2T (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA KE10, KE15, KE16 1.1L K (TO 06/69 Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA KE11, KE17, KE18, KE20, KE25, KE26, KE30, KE35, KE36 1.2L 3K, 3K-C (Denso)
  • TOYOTA COROLLA KE38, KE55, KE70 1.3L 4K-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA DYNA RU10, RU12, RU15, RU20R 2.0L 5R (Denso Points Dist: From 1976)
  • TOYOTA DYNA YU60R 2.0L 3Y-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA HIACE RH22R 2.0L 18R, 18R-C & RH32R, RH42R 1.6L 12R-C (Denso Points Dist: From 1978)
  • TOYOTA HIACE YH50R 1.8L 2Y-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA HIACE YH51R, YH61R, YH71R 2.0L 3Y-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA HIACE YH53R, YH63R,YH73R 2.2L 4Y-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA HILUX RN41R, RN46R 2.0L 18R, 18R-C (Denso Points Dist: To 1981)
  • TOYOTA HILUX YN57R, YN65R 2.0L 3Y-C (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ40R, FJ45R 4.2L 2F (Denso Points Dist: From 1979)
  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ60R 4.2L 2F (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ62R, FJ75R 4.0L 3F (Denso Points Dist)
  • TOYOTA LANDCRUISER FJ73R 4.0L 3F (TO 12/91 Denso Points Dist)

Fuelmiser have long been seen as one of the nation's most trusted names in fuel system, electronic and engine management parts

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