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Redline Dual Fuel Line suit Holley (Chrome)

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Holley fuel line by Redline Performance, part number 14-50, is engineered to provide a reliable flow of fuel to both float bowls on dual feed Holley carburettors. The all Bundy tube construction with double flared fittings provide a superior seal to the carburettor inlet. The fuel rail is chrome plated to give lasting protection and good looks.

Suits carburettors with dual metering blocks with a distance of 9 5/16” between bowls. These fuel lines use an inverted flare fitting to seal against the carburettor. Never use thread tape on the tube nuts as the seal is provided by the flare and not the thread.

All of Redline’s Australian made fuel lines are made with a double flare. A double flare is two thicknesses of tubing created by folding the end of the tubing back into itself, forming a double thickness flare.  Flaring the tube thins the metal so the double flare provides extra thickness to protect against cracking and provides a better seal against the carburettor seat. Double flaring makes the smooth outside of the tube press onto the fitting, which combined with a little more "crush" because of the doubled thickness gets you a much more reliable seal which is also less prone to vibration cracking later.

Inferior fuel lines made with a single flare are more prone to crack where they seal against the carburettor seat.

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