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Premium side draft soft mounts - Recarb Blue-Mount - Weber Dellorto Mikuni DCOE


The premium soft mount fitting system for sidedraft carburettors

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Recarb Blue-Mount - The premium soft mount fitting system for DCOE sidedraft carburettors


Kit includes:

- Two 6061-T6 billet carrier plates with dovetail groove for Quad-Ring seals

- Cut-outs to clear Weber choke housing

- Four Quad-Ring seals

- Four Thackeray washers (double coil washers to allow precision tensioning)


Recarb have completed design and engineering of an advanced soft mount system that takes DCOE side draft soft mounts to the next level, providing a more precise and effective seal in a precision-machined carrier plate that looks as good as it performs.

The secret of this extra performance is in the seal itself – a Quad-Ring that is located into a dove-tail groove, rather than a ‘square’ groove. The Quad-Ring therefore provides a positively located seal that can only seal more effectively as it is tightened, but which actually requires less pressure to seal better than an O-ring. Less pressure means less chance of transferring engine vibrations into the carburettor; the whole point of using a soft mount system

O-rings versus Quad-Rings

Hydraulic systems increasingly use Quad-Rings. This is a particularly relevant point, because the entire point of hydraulic systems is that the fluid contained within them cannot be compressed, at all. Therefore, every single unit of pressure contained within that system will push all sealing surfaces to the limit.

Air on the other hand can easily be compressed – after all, that’s how our engines, which are essentially just big air pumps, work - compress the air, then blow it up! So if a Quad-Ring is the best type of seal for a hydraulic system then obviously it is well and truly over-specced as a seal for an air system.

Quad-Rings are more stable in dynamic applications – such as sealing between two surfaces that move independently of each other, which is precisely the application we are using them in with a soft mount.

Quad-Rings also require less compressive force to seal, which again is our objective here. Reduced sealing pressure means that the Quad-Ring retains the flexibility we want for reducing or eliminating harmonic vibration in our carburettors.

Quad-Rings have the same properties as O-rings when it comes to resistance to chemical degradation but can outlast O-rings due to their multiple sealing surfaces – a Quad-Ring provides four sealing surfaces, as opposed to two sealing surfaces on an O-ring.

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