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New Holden Red motor 6cyl 350 Holley Carburettor Conversion Kit (Motorsport Use)

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Brand new 350 Holley and chrome air filter plus a new manifold to suit all 6cyl red motor Holden engines.


This is a brand new genuine 350 Holley (not reco or cheaper copy), plus as an extra feature, these Holleys are fitted with an aluminium fuel bowl. These bowls have a longer life to the standard one, less warping and thread wearing, will not corrode as easily, and can be kept polished for life. A unique feature is the float level sight-glass, no more need to "spill fuel" and easy to see the float level all the time.





The air filter is a chrome 9" x 2" high. You also have the option of replacing the 9”sports filter element that we provide with a 9” K&N filter element. K&N Filters have a reputation in their Air Filtration systems that produce a higher air flow as well as better filtering of dust and dirt that a normal standard element would do. This element is a washable and reusable element which is perfect for serious off road use. We also sell recharge kits to bring the element back to the shape that you bought it in. (See “Air Filter Options” drop down box). 

You can choose no choke or choke types at the options below, also universal accelerator cable and bracket if needed.

The 350 Holley is suitable as a sports use carburettor on a 6cyl engine. For street use and better fuel ecomony, we also have the 330cfm 6cyl street carbs - See related Items

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Manufacturer Holley
Model Holley 350 Carburettor Conversion Kit Holden Red 6 Cyl – New
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