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Holden 6cly Red Motor - New Holley 350 Carburettor + Reco. Manifold Conversion Kit (Motorsport Use)

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We have a limited number of these kits on sale. We currently have an overstock of used intake manifolds to suit Holden 6cly red motors. These manifolds have been acid bathed, bead blasted and machined; and so will look and work as new.

We are including a manifold at NO CHARGE to bring this kit at a price that would normally only buy you a rebuilt carb.

This kit has a custom BRAND NEW 350 Holley carburettor. We hand build carburettors and supply carburettor sets for both standard and modified engines. This is an all genuine Holley, built to the LIST-7448 spec, with the addition of an aluminium street/strip (centre pivot float) fuel bowl. This bowl has the advantage of a fuel level sight glass to check the float level at a glance, without having to remove plugs and spill fuel. These genuine Holley bowls are made of solid aluminium, and so are easy to polish and keep shining for life.

The 350 Holley, when fitted to a 6cyl, is recommended for modified motors and for motorsport use.

For street driven cars, we have a 330 cfm Holley designed for 6cly cars to produce smoother torque and better fuel economy. Contact our tech team for details on this carb or any help and advice.

With this kit, we include a new fuel spout, a 1/4" throttle ball, and a 9" chome air filter.

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