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New Holden Red motor 6cyl 330 Holley Carburettor Conversion Kit (Economic/Street Use)

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Brand new Holley 2 Barrel 330cfm carburettor designed and manufactured in Australia to suit the Holden Red Motor 6 Cylinder engines. Carb is sized at 330cfm with annular boosters fitted for improved atomisation at low air speed and bottom end torque. Metering block re-calibrated: main, power and pump circuits to suit the 6cyl engine to maximize fuel economy. This carb is designed and engineered for 6cylinder use. We have had various Red Motors dyno tuned to a close figure that will suit a standard Red Motor, regardless of capacity. This helps us provide the right calibration settings for optimum efficiency provided the ignition system is working correctly (points set correctly, timing set as instructed, vac advance working correctly). We supply electronic conversions and Vacuum Advance cans if needed. For more modified engines, the kit will still work fine however fine tuning can be done to better optimize your engines performance.


The air filter is a chrome 9" x 2" high. You also have the option of replacing the 9”sports filter element that we provide with a 9” K&N filter element. K&N Filters have a reputation in their Air Filtration systems that produce a higher air flow as well as better filtering of dust and dirt that a normal standard element would do. This element is a washable and reusable element which is perfect for serious off road use. We also sell recharge kits to bring the element back to the shape that you bought it in. (See “Air Filter Options” drop down box).

Please specify if you intend fitting duel fuel (LP gas), as we will modify the carb to suit gas: solid floats, Teflon bushes, sealed against air leaks. (NO EXTRA CHARGE) if you already have gas fitted to your old carb, you will need to change your gas mixer. We can also supply gas spuds that feed the gas directly into the throats of the carburettor. It is the more desired option as it does not restrict air flow which essentially allows your carburettor to deliver maximum power to your engine. See pictures for reference or call us for more information. For the spuds to work, you will need a positive style gas converter. We use and sell OMVL Converters. Give us a call for more information.

We also sell a 350 Holley that is more orientated for Motorsport use and a cheaper kit option with a reconditioned manifold. See related products.

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