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New GENUINE WEBER 45 DCOE Quad Carburettor Carby Set suit Chevrolet 350 Chev V8


This is a complete conversion kit featuring quad 45 DCOE Weber carburetors on a Pierce manifold. Suits Chevy 350 Small Block V8 motors. The Pierce manifold is one of the highest quality manifolds produced today.

Unlike Holley carburettors, Webers offer a full range of tuning with every tuning component able to be changed for a different setting. For instance, when you buy a Holley, you are stuck with the one venturi size and unable to deviate from that unless you buy another carburettor. Weber allows you to experiment with different Venturi sizes as well as the following:

  • - Choke Venturis
  • - Booster Venturis
  • - Main Jets
  • - Air Jets
  • - Emulsion Tubes
  • - Idle Jets
  • - Pump Jet
  • - Needle Valve Size

A multitude of tuning areas that you just cannot do easily with most other brands of carburettors.

Know that you're buying a genuine Carburettor.

We Hand Prepare these carburettors, making sure that the following are set:

  • - Float levels to Weber Standard
  • - Throttle Butterflies are aligned and moving freely
  • - Mixture screws are set to a standard stetting
  • - Idle Speed screw is set to a standard setting
  • - Idle Air Bleed screws are set to zero

These are done so that we know you are getting a product that is more likely to bolt on and run for you without any hassle.

The kit comes with the following:

  • - 1x New Pierce Intake Manifold
  • - 4x New 45 DCOE Genuine Weber Carburettors
  • - 1x Mounting Hardware and Gaskets
  • - 1x 1M fuel line to connect all carbs to one fuel line
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