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Jaguar E-Type 3.8 & 4.2 - GENUINE Triple WEBER 45 DCOE Side Carburettor Full Set


Classic and still very popular. This is a brand new set.

This set is all brand new supplied complete with:

  • - Triple 45 DCOE Spanish Weber Carburettors
  • - New Redline manifold suit E-Type 3.8L & 4.2L 6 CYLINDER Motors
  • - Overhead Hex-Rod Linkage set
  • - Ramtubes (Air filters option available)
  • - 2x T-Piece Banjo Inlets for fuel line

All mounting hardware and ram tubes are included. Each carburetor is hand prepared to your order. The DCOE sidedraft is designed for sports / race / rally style driving, well suited to modified motors and all motorsport.

These model DCOE's are a must if you are looking to get the best performance out of any engine. The benefits of fitting DCOE's are their fine tuning capabilities. With DCOE's, you can alter the following:

  • - Choke Venturis
  • - Booster Venturis
  • - Main Jets
  • - Air Jets
  • - Emulsion Tubes
  • - Idle Jets
  • - Idle Emulsion
  • - Pump Jet
  • - Cold Start Jet
  • - Needle Valve Size
  • - Idle Air Bleeds

A multitude of tuning areas that you just cannot do easily with most other brands of carburettors.

The carburettors are all thoroughly checked over before sending. The carbs are not pre-jetted however, baseline jetting can be arranged at an extra cost.

The linkage kit utilizes a hex rod linkage bar, meaning no slippage and a more consistent balance and tune. We supply you all the linkage components to allow you to mount your factory Throttle cable on, a return spring etc. You will need to make a throttle cable bracket or we can supply one at an extra cost.

We supply you with the appropriate fuel inlets so that you do not need a fuel block to split into 3. We also hard mount the carburettors onto the manifold to help with future maintenance with Balancing and Tuning. If you prefer soft mounts, please contact us to arrange this. We supply you with the needed studs, nuts, gaskets etc to bolt carbs onto the manifold.

You also have the option of swapping the Ramtubes for Air Filters. Triple carb setups gives your engine the ultimate opportunity of making full horsepower without any means of forced induction. Not only will you get to hear a sweet induction noise, your engine will accelerate at a quicker rate making it perfect for Sports / Motorsports driving.

The Webers have standard factory jetting, we can pre-jet this set with the E38 / E49 jetting - please contact us.

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