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Holden 6 Blue Motor - New GENUINE WEBER Triple 40 DCOE Carburettor Kit


All brand new 40 DCOE Weber carburettors.

The carbs supplied are Brand New, GENUINE Spanish-made Weber 40 DCOE carburettor with ram tubes. These are one of the most popular aftermarket sports carburettors fitted to most 4 Cylinder, 6 cylinder and some 8 Cylinder motors around the world. Generally an instant power and torque increase from most factory standard carburettors.

DCOE Carburettors have been around for a long time, many with different variations with calibration etc. The more older and efficient motors are getting today, tuners are finding it harder to tune the older model Weber's. In particular is the transition from progression to main circuits. Traditionally, most older Weber's used either a 2 or 3 hole Progression. This was fine to use in the day but we are demanding for smoother driving vehicles with the introduction of Computer Controlled cars. Weber are now producing a 4 Hole Progression carburettor to help eliminate flat spots off the mark and allowing tuners to refine their calibration to a more acceptable level.

These model DCOE's are a must if you are looking to get the best performance out of any engine. The benefits of fitting DCOE's are their fine tuning capabilities. With DCOE's, you can alter the following:

  • - Choke Venturis
  • - Booster Venturis
  • - Main Jets
  • - Air Jets
  • - Emulsion Tubes
  • - Idle Jets
  • - Idle Emulsion
  • - Pump Jet
  • - Cold Start Jet
  • - Needle Valve Size
  • - Idle Air Bleeds

A multitude of tuning areas that you just cannot do easily with most other brands of carburettors.

Know that you're buying a genuine Carburettor. See in our gallery for the photo that outlines where to tell if the carburettor is Genuine or not.

We Hand Prepare these carburettors, making sure that the following are set:

  • - Float levels to Weber Standard
  • - Throttle Butterflies are aligned and moving freely
  • - Mixture screws are set to a standard stetting
  • - Idle Speed screw is set to a standard setting
  • - Idle Air Bleed screws are set to zero

These are done so that we know you are getting a product that is more likely to bolt on and run for you without any hassle.

The set is supplied with carb mounting hardware, Hex-rod linkage kit (no slip, will not go out of tune) and ram tubes. You can choose to upgrade from the ram tubes with sports air filters. Will need to

This set is supplied with:

  • - 3x New 40 DCOE Weber carburettors
  • - 3x Pairs of new Weber ram tubes
  • - 1x New Redline manifold to suit Holden Blue motor
  • - All carburettor mounting hardware
  • - Hex-rod linkage kit

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