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Choke Pull Off Diaphragm for Aisan Carburettor Suits Toyota Hilux 22R '88-'97, Hiace 4YC '82-'89 & 2RZ '89-'98

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The Choke Pull Off Diaphragm is made by Fuelmiser who manufacture and source only the highest of quality products. Unless specified, Fuelmiser make their parts to Factory Original Specifications, meaning that the part you purchase is true, genuine and will fit and work properly. Be careful with some reproduction distributor components as generally they will not fit your carburettor.

If your car is becoming hard to drive whilst in its warm-up stage, then replacing this diaphragm may help. Generally what happens is when you rev your engine, your choke butterfly should open up slightly to let some air in. If this butterfly is closed and unable to allow air for the engine to combust with, then your mixture will be rich and engine stalling may occur.


  • 22R '88-'97 Toyota Hilux Aisan Carburetor
  • 4YC '82-'89 Toyota Hiace Aisan Carburetor
  • 2RZ '89-'98 Toyota Hiace Aisan Carburetor
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