When we rebuild our carburettors and intake manifolds, we use various treatments such as ultrasonic baths, carbon stripping acids and other methods to restore the finish to 'as-new'. But the process that truly brings back the life and look of carburettors and intake manifolds is sand blasting. Sand blasting physically removes any discrepancies within the surface of metal and alloy components, and brings back the natural shine of what the metal would have originally looked like when new.

The sand media we use is a very fine sand (so fine that it passes through our dust filter!). We chose the fine sand as it does not adversely affect the metal but is still abrasive enough to remove surface rust and corrosion.

See the before and after side-by-side of inspection covers from this Mikuni Solex. Notice how the logo was barely visible due to oxidisation, then after a simple blast treatment it is back to its original state:

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