Our 330 Holley was good. We saw an increase in the initial torque over the factory carburettor, and the overall feedback from our customers was fantastic. But we don’t stop there. Developed by us at Recarb, we have created a monster of a carburettor!

Introducing the 480 CFM Holley! Yes, you read correctly. A step above the rest, your engine can now outperform yet again with our new Ultimate Off-Road spec Holley. Delivering more Torque and Power over our 330 Holley, you can now tackle all terrain with ease, without sacrificing too much drivability.

Like our 330 Holley’s, you can still achieve the rocky hill climbs and for the automatic Patrols out there, we can still fit the TPS to the Holley.

Call us today to purchase a kit. Be sure to share so that your mates can get a hold of this deal.

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