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Pump Plunger suit 2F 3F Toyota Landcruiser Aisan Carburettor

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The pump plunger is made by Fuelmiser who manufacture and source only the highest of quality products. Unless specified, Fuelmiser make their parts to Factory Original Specifications, meaning that the part you purchase is true, genuine and will fit and work properly. Be careful with some reproduction distributor components as generally they will not fit your carburettor.

A faulty Pump Plunger can cause your carburettor not to produce a pump squirt under throttle which inevitably can cause a flat spot. Particularly coming off a set of traffic lights with a faulty pump plunger, this can cause the car to stall and can result in a crash from the car behind. Replacing a faulty pump plunger can fix 80% of a poor pump squirt issue.

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