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Aluminium Vortex Spacer Holley 4brl Squarebore 1 inch (25mm) - Redline 10-570

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Standard ported design spacers add plenum length to speed up the air/fuel mixture into the intake manifold. The conical design of the Redline Vortex Carby Spacer creates a venturi effect to draw more air and fuel into the engine.

The smoother transition from the throttle plates into the plenum area of the manifold avoids harsh corners where boundary layers of still air can form effectively reducing the plenum area available.

All of these benefits assist in increasing fuel atomisation, enhancing throttle response, boosting your high RPM power and helping to insulate the carburettor from the manifold.

Package includes:

  • 1” Squarebore Vortex Adaptor plus gaskets and hardware
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