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Adapter plate fits new Holley to old V8 Carter WFBC & Rochester 4 jet manifolds

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Adapter plate to fit a 4brl Holley carburettor to all old V8 manifolds using the Carter WFBC & Rochester 4 jet carburettors as well as the Holley "Teapot" 4000 series.

Used extensively through the 1950's & 1960's Chrysler, Ford, GM, Packard, Buick, Studebaker etc.

These hi-flow quality plates made by RECARB Australia, are designed to keep constant air speed and no restriction for maximum performance and efficiency.                                                                               
The RECARB plate is CNC machined from high-grade Aluminum plate, NOT CAST. They are much stronger, will not break or warp to cause air leaks. CNC precision allows the "four holes" design to accurately align the throats of all 390, 450, 465 and 600CFM Holley carburettors, to these early American manifolds with minimum restriction.

Please note: the manifold in the second pic is for reference only (not included with this sale), showing an example of the smaller stud pattern that this plate bolts to. The plate fits BOTH Rochester and Carter early patterns BEFORE the common spread bore and square bore patterns were used.

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